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Get into the right work boot


It is important when choosing work boots or shoes that they are appropriate to your occupation and working environment.  Here’s an overview of the most popular work boot styles on the market.

The most iconic Australian elastic sided work boot is the Bobcat range from Redback. Available in steel and non-steel cap toe options, these boot boast an oil and acid resistant sole and are DNV Certified to AS/NZS 2210.2:2000 standards.

Other elastic sided work boots on the market include the 500 series by Blundstone and styles from Rossie Boots and Mongrel Boots.

The favoured footwear on construction sites, these boots offer greater support and are superior at preventing foreign objects getting into the boot.

Most good work boot brands offer a lace and zip sider option. Look at Redback, Caterpillar, Oliver,  Blundstone, Diadora and Mack boots.

Slips and falls account for almost half the workers’ compensation costs in the hospitality industry. So, like in construction, it is important that you have appropriate footwear. Most hospitality employers require their staff to wear a dress like shoe.

Our recommendation is RWBN Waiter by Redback or 780 by Blundstone, both options are slip, water and oil resistant. 780 also offers steel cap toes and is heat resistant up to 140 degrees.

Tips on getting the right fit

  • Always measure both feet, they may not be the same size.
  • Width and depth of your shoe is just as important as the length.
  • Always try on both shoes.
  • Ensure there is enough room at the front of the shoes to allow for the natural movement of your toes when walking – your toes should be able to wiggle.
  • Take time to test new shoes. Walk around in them to ensure maximum comfort.
  • A good fit doesn’t necessarily mean high expense.

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