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  1. diane thomas

    Hi – I would just love to say ‘thank you’ so very much for my $500 prize that I won for the Mothers Day Competition. I was absolutely thrilled as I just don’t win anything. We have just received the huge package and my husband and daughter are just as happy as we were able to get shoes for winter for all of us.

    My mother must have been watching over us, she went to heaven 10 months ago, and this was the first Christmas without my wonderful Mum. She did always tell me “If in doubt, DON’T” – and it is something that I use nearly every day and in many different situations and it has always stood me in good stead. I guess it is really about listening to your inner voice.

    Thank you so much for my prize, I will remember this for a very long time. I do love your shoes and your nearest store to me is in Coffs Harbour, about 1 hours drive away. I do visit your shop every time I go there. The staff are really lovely also.

    Many many thanks and kind regards, Diane Thomas.

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