About Us

FSW Shoe Warehouse is a third generation footwear business established in 1927. Two brothers Tom and Jo Frawley ventured from the big smoke of Sydney with a truck load of shoes to the little country town of Queanbeyan just outside Canberra.

The nations capital was growing and Tom and Jo thought they would see if they could sell some shoes and make a mark on the footwear industry.

They successfully sold all their shoes and a new era in Australian footwear began!

In 2000 a third generation of Frawley’s (Stephen, Gerard and Michael) took over the reins of the family business and the metamorphosis from Frawley’s Shoes to FSW began.

Identifying an opportunity to deliver footwear to the public in a way never before seen in Australia, the new FSW model would allow customers to browse, feel and try on shoes at their leisure. The consumer was able to have access to a huge range of styles and sizes whilst being offered base quality footwear and recognised brands at everyday discounted prices.

The first FSW Shoe Warehouse store opened in September 2002, and just like their grandfathers, the first store opened in Queanbeyan. It soon became apparent that the FSW concept was a hit with consumers and four more stores in ACT were opened.

In 2004 the FSW concept expanded to regional NSW with the introduction of a fourth director Paul Smith.
From 2004 to 2009 FSW Shoe Warehouse opened another 8 stores across regional NSW, and now employs over 100 team members.

2010 marked a busy year for FSW Shoe Warehouse with the opening of two new stores – Canberra City and the FSW ‘Super Store’ in Alexandria (Sydney) which is Australia’s largest independent shoe retailer under one roof.

The same year also saw the launch of  the FSW website, where our customers are now able to buy a growing range of our fantastic shoes online.

Who would have thought that in 85 years the Frawley family could go from selling shoes from the back of a truck to 12 stores and the virtual world of buying online!

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