FSW Holiday Party Wear Guide For Her


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It’s Party season! Christmas holiday is the best time around to look your best among office mates, friends, family and strangers. It’s also the end of the year so look your best and get the lasting impression of being fashionable and up to trend. Even if you’ve thought about recycling an old dress- just make sure you’ve got the PERFECT shoes to step into!

Here’s a helpful guide on wearing different styled outfits to wear from cocktails to glamorous holiday events, and casual outings.  We paired up the right shoes from FSW to help you decide what to wear.

The Red Dress

Red is one of the colours that represents Christmas and suits a variety of skin tones. Red is such a statement colour which can leave that lasting impression, wear it well and you can be the lady in red.  This richly hued colour can be easy to accessorize  with neutral tones shoes.

Red Dress Polyvore

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The Long Skirt
Unlike a maxi dress, a long skirt can easily go from smart casual to formal. Pair it with a crop top and some statement heels for that effortless smart chic look.

Maxi Skirt Polyvore

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The Metallic Dress
If you’re going to wear a metallic dress, there’s no better time than the festive season. It’s perfect for making a statement but not too loud. The subtle sparkle adds a playful edge to an elegant dress, creating a ‘wow’ factor look with a touch of sophistication. For a bolder look, choose head to toe metallic; for a more understated style a pair of basic black heels is your best match.

Metallic Dress Polyvore

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The Jumpsuit
The jumpsuit is for the lady that prefers to wear trouser pants but still wants a sophisticated, classy and modest look. There are many different kinds of jumpsuits, a nicely tapered end trouser works well with a pair of detailed high heels or wedge heel. Acsessorise  your outfit with a clutch for that minimal chic style.

Jumpsuit Polyvore

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The Green Dress
Green is another well-known colour used for Christmas. Pair this green dress with a touch of metallic accessories to give sophistication. Try different lengths like a maxi or skater dress. Pair it with a statement black heels to complete this outfit.

Green Dress Polyvore

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The Lace Pencil Dress
A pencil dress is a classic dress and add the lace factor to give it subtle sexy look.  Pencil dress can make your body look elongated and show the right curves.  If you’re going for a white dress, go for a daring red heel or if you want it to be more subtle try neutral wedge heel.

Pencil Dress Polyvore

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The Peg Pant
The peg pant is a comfy, boho-style chic, which can be paired with a pretty lace blouse and pair with flats or a low heel, lace up gladiator sandals or ballet flats will it give it that playful look.

Peg Pant Polyvore

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