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NEW Skechers, leg boots and stylish suede this winter



We have new kicks for you to SHAKE IT OFF! The new Skechers Go Fit 2 Presto is here. It comes in Black/Pink and Charcoal/Blue. The shoes have a 1-inch heel.  The printed fabric on the upper makes the shoes more unique and fun than your regular gym training shoes.

06052015_Coming Soon GoFit2SKECHERS GO FIT 2 PRESTO

This modern fit anatomical last provides medial and lateral support and stability. It is designed for gym fitness training. The shoe features high-rebound cushioning with responsive feedback, giving it more stability, comfort and support for multiple gym fitness training activities. So you can wear it for your Zumba, Spinning, Boxing or whatever type of fitness class you have in mind at the gym. shutterstock_89155918 Note: (Skechers Go Fit 2 Presto combines a proprietary ‘SQUISH’ component with Skecher’s exclusive Resalyte™ material and it’s made of GOga Mat® technology.)

BOOTS are made for walking:

This season we’re giving you more options on different styles of boots for walking. Before buying a pair of leg boots this winter ensure that you have covered your basic checklist:

1.) What type of material do you want? Leather, synthetic (man-made), or suede are the basics of materials. Look at the internal and external material as some shoes are not the same on both sides.

2.) Heel or no heel? You may be comfortable with wearing high heels in low cut shoes but in knee-high boots it may feel slightly different, especially when walking. Try the flats, or 1 inch wedge if you’re used to being close to ground level. If you like to be elevated, start with a 2 inch + squared heel. Finding the perfect height and arch is something to keep in mind.

3.) The fit of the leg boot is very important because even though the actual shoe may fit your shoe size, however the leg width and height come in different sizes. There are stretchy leg boots that can conform to most fit and size. You may also look for the zipper on the side which makes it easier to try on. Find out if the calf size is wide or slim fit. It will make a difference.

Boots are made for walking

Be SUEDE this season:

If you’re looking for something different this season- suede is back. You can see more of suede hitting 2015 fashion runways in different seasons. From hand bags, skirts, gloves, jackets, and of course shoes! More on 2015 suede style…

Here are some of FSW Shoes basic picks for suede shoes this winter.
You may also look at micro suede shoes for another option, which is the synthetic version of suede.