FSW Holiday Party Wear Guide For Him


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Men’s wear for this holiday season will be based on comfort and smart fashion, factoring the summer heat, we intend to keep it simple for occasions to wear for indoor or outdoor for holiday BBQs, beach party, cocktail drinks with office mates, and holiday dinner occasions.

The Laid Back Look
If you’re a laid back chap this is the style for you for attending outdoor parties. A pair of linen shirt with rolled up sleeves,  a nice pair chino shorts and casual canvas sneakers or thongs will do the look.

Laid Back Look Polyvore

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The Casual Look
Give your pair of jeans or chinos the outfit that you’re ready to party. Pair a nice button up shirt with a nice straight cut jeans with a belt. Match it with pair of tan lace up dress shoes, boat shoes or sneakers to celebrate the festive season in casual style!

Mens Casual Polyvore

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Mens Casual 2 Polyvore

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The Smart Casual Look
Wear a sports blazer jacket to match with a pair of chinos, and style it underneath with a loose collared shirt.   Your shoes can be versatile from wearing a pair of navy or tan lace shoes, slip on dress shoes or boat shoes.

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FSW Holiday Party Wear Guide For Her


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It’s Party season! Christmas holiday is the best time around to look your best among office mates, friends, family and strangers. It’s also the end of the year so look your best and get the lasting impression of being fashionable and up to trend. Even if you’ve thought about recycling an old dress- just make sure you’ve got the PERFECT shoes to step into!

Here’s a helpful guide on wearing different styled outfits to wear from cocktails to glamorous holiday events, and casual outings.  We paired up the right shoes from FSW to help you decide what to wear.

The Red Dress

Red is one of the colours that represents Christmas and suits a variety of skin tones. Red is such a statement colour which can leave that lasting impression, wear it well and you can be the lady in red.  This richly hued colour can be easy to accessorize  with neutral tones shoes.

Red Dress Polyvore

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The Long Skirt
Unlike a maxi dress, a long skirt can easily go from smart casual to formal. Pair it with a crop top and some statement heels for that effortless smart chic look.

Maxi Skirt Polyvore

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The Metallic Dress
If you’re going to wear a metallic dress, there’s no better time than the festive season. It’s perfect for making a statement but not too loud. The subtle sparkle adds a playful edge to an elegant dress, creating a ‘wow’ factor look with a touch of sophistication. For a bolder look, choose head to toe metallic; for a more understated style a pair of basic black heels is your best match.

Metallic Dress Polyvore

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The Jumpsuit
The jumpsuit is for the lady that prefers to wear trouser pants but still wants a sophisticated, classy and modest look. There are many different kinds of jumpsuits, a nicely tapered end trouser works well with a pair of detailed high heels or wedge heel. Acsessorise  your outfit with a clutch for that minimal chic style.

Jumpsuit Polyvore

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The Green Dress
Green is another well-known colour used for Christmas. Pair this green dress with a touch of metallic accessories to give sophistication. Try different lengths like a maxi or skater dress. Pair it with a statement black heels to complete this outfit.

Green Dress Polyvore

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The Lace Pencil Dress
A pencil dress is a classic dress and add the lace factor to give it subtle sexy look.  Pencil dress can make your body look elongated and show the right curves.  If you’re going for a white dress, go for a daring red heel or if you want it to be more subtle try neutral wedge heel.

Pencil Dress Polyvore

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The Peg Pant
The peg pant is a comfy, boho-style chic, which can be paired with a pretty lace blouse and pair with flats or a low heel, lace up gladiator sandals or ballet flats will it give it that playful look.

Peg Pant Polyvore

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Spring Guide to Formals Part 2


Spring Guide to Formals Part 2_EDM

FSW Shoes wants to share different styles of dress shoes for formal occasions and party dressing wear. Here are sample guide of different shapes and shoes to look for at FSW Shoes.

The rule of thumb is the darker the shoe, the formal it is.

Cap ToeRail Front

Slip On


Basic Black

You can’t go past a basic black pair of dress shoes. If you want class and simplicity and if in doubt- wear black.  A basic black suit and a pair of shiny black dress shoes will keep you looking sharp. For classic black dress shoes, we recommend the slightly elongated, almond shape toe. We also feature a slip on version of the shoes below.

Black Suit-Bowtie - Camber

Camber Black by Florsheim | FSW Price $119.99 | Shop Now >>

Smart - Charcoal Suit - Jarrod

Jarrod Black by Windsor Smith | FSW Price $99.99 | Shop Now >>

Regent Black

Regent Black by Florsheim | FSW Price $169.99 | Shop Now >>

Smart Casual and Smart - Submit

Submit by Julius Marlow | FSW Price $129.99 | Shop Now >>

Get your tan on!

Tan dress shoes are always popular all year round but in the spring it makes any outfit
look a little brighter and smarter. They go well with grey and navy suits as well as
neutral colours.

Navy Suit - Pacino

Pacino Tan by UNcut | FSW Price $49.99 | Shop Now >>

Smart Casual - Rangoon Cognac

Rangoon Cognac by Floreshiem | FSW Price $159.99 | Shop Now >>

Harbour TanHarbour Tan by Massa | FSW Price $99.99 | Shop Now >>

Smart Grey Suit - HolmesHolmes Tan by One 4 the Road | FSW Price $79.99 | Shop Now >>

Navy baby

Smart navy shoes have become a trend for spring/summer 2015 with a variety of shoes to choose from. Depending on the type of venue of your formal, if you like the ‘smart casual’ look- then navy is your colour from leather to micro-suede.  The navy colour brings wit and hip to a casual outfit. For formals this year you can go with a smart casual look by pairing navy shoes in chinos, a patterned shirt, dress coat and top it off with a cute bow tie (or if you’re feeling daring, wear a washed out blue suit.) If you wish to go a little smarter – a waistcoat over a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up will turn heads.

Smart Casual - McgregorMcgregor Navy by UNcut | FSW Price $49.99 | Shop Now >>Coaster BlueCoaster Blue by Julius Marlow | FSW Price $139.99

Smart Casual - Rangoon Navy Suede

Rangoon Navy Suede by Florsheim | FSW Price $159.99 | Shop Now >>

Maintain your shoes shiny and squeaky clean with these!


Self Shine Liquid Black | FSW Price $9.99 | Shop Now >>


Instant Shine Blk Hard Pack | FSW Price $6.99 | Shop Now >>


Instant Shine Neutral Hard Pack | FSW Price $6.99 | Shop Now >>

The following shoes presented on this page can be purchased online at www.fswshoes.com.au or visit our in-store locations (while quantities last).

Note: The clothes shown are just samples for styling.

Spring Guide to Formals


Spring Guide to Formals

Formals is one of the most anticipated event in school! Lots of preparation and decision making when it comes to it-  from hairstyle, makeup, accessories, the DRESS and shoes!

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve put together a dress and FSW shoe guide to help you find the perfect heels to go with your chosen gown.

First things first, you’ve got to decide on the dress! The question is ‘what style or shape?’
This silhouette guide will help you in the right direction.


Here are some shoe ideas to go with your dress silhouette:

Ball Gown Shoes

Shop the dress at Jade Gowns >>
Shop Hero Silver Lizard here >>
Shop Azzy Silver Glimmer here >>

Empire Shoes

Shop the dress at Jade Gowns >>
Shop Static Silver Sparkle here >>
Shop Glimmer Silver Glitter here >>

A Line Shoes

Shop the dress at Jade Gowns >>
Shop Glimmer Black Glitter here >> 
Shop Owen Black Suede here >>

Sheath Shoes

Shop the dress at Jade Gowns >>
Shop Azzy Black Glimmer here >>
Shop Carmen Champagne Glitter here >> 

If you wish to go for a simple ankle strap heel, FSW Shoes carry a variety. Try the shoes in nude or natural colour. The colour works well with different types of coloured dress, from bold to pastel colours.  Nude or natural colour is the new black when it comes to shoes! Nude Heels

Shop Carmen here >> | Shop Arrie here >> | Shop Matthew here >>

Lace up heels are a big hit this season, definitely a #trending topic. You can pair these shoes with a short dress. Bangin Black Suede by London Rebel is our favourite lace up heel. The pointed toe and zipper at the back gives it a nice support for a high heel.

lace up

  Shop Bangin here >>

A block heel can make quite the statement and if you don’t feel as comfortable in a thin heel then definitely try this option with the ankle strap.  Here is a selection of our favourite block heels at FSW Shoes.

Block Heels

Shop Mamie here >> | Shop Carlo here >> | Shop Cameo here >> 

The following shoes presented on this page can be purchased online at www.fswshoes.com.au or visit our in-store locations (while quantities last).

Note: The dresses shown are just samples for styling.

The Spring Racing Shoe Guide – Part 2


Laces and straps
Heels with straps from high to low are very popular for spring racing. There are varieties to choose from. It’s all about the height of the heel and importantly the right shape and fit. But since it is a lace up,  it is easier to adjust. So when you’re wearing a short dress from knees high, try heels the lace up heels and make sure you can properly strut in style.

From the right look and smart price, here are the better options from FSW Shoes in nude and black colour:


FSW $79.99
Shop Shoes> Melly by Verali


FSW Price $79.99
Shop Shoes > Owen by Verali

Kazzy black_nude

FSW Price $89.99
Shop Shoes> Kazzy by Lipstik

Make a point!
For those who want to hide your toes! Try pointed toe shoes. Try it with with a pencil skirt. Here are several spring and summer options with pointed toes, with laces and sleek cut-out design.

Milan nude_black

FSW Price $99.99
Shop Shoes > Milan by Human Premium


FSW Price $59.99
Shop Shoes > Cressida Black Suede by Therapy


FSW Price $59.99
Shop Shoes > Bangin Black Suede


FSW Price $49.99
Shop Shoes > Dialog Nude by London Rebel

Be Bold! When you’re tired or wearing the norm, be daring! Go with a vibrant colour! The great thing about these colours is that you can match with a white or black dress or a monochrome style dress.

FSW Price $89.99
Shop Shoes > Kazzy Red Suede by Lipstik


FSW Price $79.99
Shop Shoes > Owen Cobalt Suede by Verali


FSW Price $69.99
Shop Shoes > Matthew Coral Nubuck by Verali


FSW Price $69.99
Shop Shoes> Matthew Turquoise Nubuck by Verali

SURVIVING TOOLS at the races!
These little items will help you survive in your heels the whole day.

Shucare Insoles, $4.99: These type of insoles can be shaped to your size and shape of your foot. It will give you the extra comfort and sole support.

Heel Grip

Anti-slip heel Grip, $7.99 : Great for filling in the gap at the back of your foot. It grips comfortably at the heel and prevents from slipping, chaffing and blisters.


Shucare Gel Soft Steps, $8.99: When you’re standing all day in your heels, this insert gel support will help prevent getting that pain in the balls of your feet.

Practice perfect: Wear and practice in your new pair of shoes before your event, just enough time to get comfortable in walking in them and time to stretch your shoes.

Prep your feet: The night before the big event, rub some lotion or Vaseline on your feet before going to bed. Cover your feet with a pair of socks. This will moisturize your skin.  It will assist from chafing when wearing your shoes the next day.

The Spring Racing Shoe Guide- Part 1


It’s that time of the year. Spring is here and you’re off to the races! Party that is! If you have a line up of parties and spring events to attend and you’re on budget- but do not want to compromise your fashion in public or wear the same thing you wore last year, then keep reading. Be realistic and be smart this season because it’s not just your outfit you’ll be spending money on.

Find a dress that suit your style and fit, then find the right shoes to pair it with. Here are different styles of trending shoes  that you can buy at FSW Shoes BELOW $70.

The Elegant Floral Look

Try nude or taupe  heel, it matches well with natural and light coloured dresses. Dress it up with smaller jewellery and try a feathered hair pin rather than a full fascinator- maintaining a minimal approach but with the hint of elegance.

*note: Wearing nude/tan heels will make your legs look longer with a short dress.

Shop Shoes> Arrie Nude by London Rebel

Dress from House of Fraser | Hair pin from Etsy 
Clutch from Colette |  Earrings from Overstock


The Bold Look

For a more vibrant and sassy look, pair your dress with a bold coloured heels, featuring a single strap across the toes and a wide elastic strap at the ankle with a back zipper. Try it in HOT Pink!

FSW Price: $59.99
Shop Shoes> Gun Pink by Ko Fashion

Dress from ASOS | Clutch from Colette 
Fascinator from Enhance Fashion Accessories


Keep it sassy!

If you’re looking for a more dramatic and sexy look, a pair of lace up heels or cut-out heel shoes will do the trick. The shoes should not distract your whole outfit but it should complement your dress. Keep the heels slim and in black.

FSW Price $69.99
Shop Shoes> Kara Black by Lipstick

Dress from ASOS | Earrings from Colette
Fascinator from Ebay | Clutch from Colette


Spring Whites

According to the latest fashion in Melbourne, plenty of white dresses walked the runway this SS2015, particularly short white dresses.

Short white dresses are great for this time around, keeping the look fresh for spring. Add some texture on the white dress and keep it short than long. Pair your outfit with a pair of champagne coloured heels with a nice tiny ankle strap with bit of glitter on your shoes to give it some ‘bling’.

FSW Price: $69.99
Shop Shoes> Carmen Champagne Glitter

Dress from Forever New | Earrings from Saks Fifth Avenue
Clutch from FSW | Fascninator from Rachel Trevor Morgan


Platform racing

Platform heels can be very comfortable to wear when you’re wearing it the whole day. But choose the right platform for the right dress. You can try it in beige/ nude colour and pair with a coloured pastel dress featuring a t-bar and a buckle strap.

FSW $59.99
Shop Shoes> Saber Wheat by London Rebel

Dress from Forever New | Clutch from Colette | Flower crown from K is for Kani


Or you can also try with a black micro-suede platform heel with a single strap across featuring a side buckle strap.

FSW $59.99
Shop Shoes> Spunky Black Suede by London Rebel

Earrings  from Colette



PRACTICE left and right!
When you’re on your feet in heels partying all day at racing events, make sure you are confident and comfortable wearing your shoes!  When you don’t normally wear heels often, it’s a definite must to practice wearing your new pair of shoes before heading out.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you walk and stand elegantly at the races!

Visit www.fswshoes.com.au for more shoes at smart prices.
Free shipping on ALL orders over $99, anywhere in Australia.

Note: The shoes shown on the blog  can be purchased on the FSW website and in-store. The dress/ outfit used on the blog are styling examples only.

Transeasonal shoes


When it’s end of winter season, we still typically see all the sales or last stock clearance around this time to make room for the new season. Sometimes we get tired of seeing the same thing during the SALE events. Which is why choosing certain trans-seasonal items this time around is just what you need before the actual Spring/Summer fashion starts.

The transeasonal shoes can assist you with your shoe dilemma from mid-August to late Spring. This style will make you look more fresh, fashionable and modern.

Cut-out boots are great trans-seasonal shoes.  You can wear and match it with shorts, leggings, cuffed jeans, skirts or dresses.  Best worn without socks or with footlet socks where it stays hidden.

At FSW Shoes we carry different types of cut-out boots, in different colours and at reasonable price.



Cut outs


2015_08_13_FSW SS15_31 copy

Bailey-EvieVisit us online, www.fswshoes.com.au or click here to visit our retail stores.


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